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EMSella is an FDA-cleared device for treating urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. EMSella is a customized chair system that emits a high-intensity electromagnetic field to trigger motor neurons in the pelvic floor. This unique technology is a revolutionary method for successfully treating incontinence in women.

As the leading medspa in the Newport Beach area, Forever Ageless has been offering innovative anti-aging, enhancements, and wellness treatments for more than a decade. For women who suffer from lack of bladder control, a non-surgical option that produces are remarkable improvement is available at our private, luxury medspa. EMSELLA is a non-invasive treatment that repairs the muscles at the pelvic floor to help you have a happier, more confident life.

What is EMSELLA?

EMSELLA is a non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment used to treat urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder commonly caused by aging, vaginal childbirth, and hormonal changes. EMSELLA is a comfortable procedure. You remain fully clothed while sitting on the EMSELLA chair for approximately 30 minutes.

How does EMSELLA work?

After childbirth and menopause, or as you age, your muscles on the pelvic floor weaken. These muscles are very difficult to restore. EMSELLA’s High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) stimulates the deep muscles on the pelvic floor. It is similar to doing 10,000 Kegel exercises. Once the pelvic floor muscles are tightened, neuromuscular control is restored and urinary incontinence and the constant urge to go to the bathroom can dramatically decrease.

Am I a candidate?

Women who have mild to moderate bladder leakage are good candidates for EMSELLA. If you leak urine when you sneeze, cough or participate in any form of exercise, this non-invasive procedure might be right for you. EMSELLA can also help women who always feel a strong need to urinate but cannot make it to the bathroom in time.

What is the cost of an EMSELLA procedure?

Dr. Cerni will meet with you give you more information about how EMSELLA can bring you results. He will customize a treatment plan right for you. Patients should budget approximately $1,500 for a series of six EMSELLA treatments. EMSELLA is a great option compared to the cost of surgery and the constant worry and stress related to incontinence.

What is the recovery time for EMSELLA?

One of the benefits of EMSELLA is that it is non-invasive. You can experience excellent results and restore bladder control without medication or other treatment. An EMSELLA treatment will have absolutely no downtime, leaving you free to return to your regular activities.

Why choose Forever Ageless for your EMSELLA procedure?

Our beautiful medspa in Newport Beach was carefully designed with your comfort in mind. As soon as you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by a warm and welcoming staff who is committed to your health and wellness. Dr. Joe Cerni and his staff have been recommended to friends and family as the premier medspa with a full range of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments and are proud to offer the groundbreaking EMSELLA treatments to help resolve mild incontinence.

Does EMSELLA hurt?

The EMSELLA procedure is not painful. Many patients report feeling mild contractions at a fast pace, but they are easily tolerated. Most will bring a book or magazine to read or just take the time to sit back and relax.

What are the benefits of EMSELLA?

  • Non-invasive
  • No recovery or downtime required
  • Remain fully clothed and comfortable during the procedure
  • Improves overall sexual wellness
  • Relatively quick procedure

When can I expect to see results from my EMSELLA procedure?

You will experience improvements in bladder control immediately, the best results are realized after a few treatments. A total of six sessions is usually recommended at a pace of two per week.

Will I need to maintain EMSELLA treatments?

We have seen excellent results with the initial series of EMSELLA treatments. It is not required that you schedule regular treatments, but many of our patients have been so happy with their results that they choose to maintain the changes with additional session each month. Dr. Cerni will discuss your options with you and create a plan that will work best for your needs.

Is treatment covered by insurance?

Each insurance provider is different. Your initial office visit may be covered, but it is likely that the EMSELLSA procedure is not covered. Our friendly staff is always available to assist with questions about insurance. Forever Ageless is sensitive to budgetary needs and remains committed to working with our patients so everyone who needs treatment can benefit from EMSELLA.

EMSella Newport Beach
EMSella Newport Beach

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